Alternative Treatments for ADHD



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects a lot of children. Most of the time a doctor will prescribe medication to help with the symptoms. However, many parents do not desire to medicate their children or are seeking alternative methods to help their children cope with their problems.

Alternative treatments

There are alternative treatments that can be used. It is important to note that a physician should be consulted before taking a child off of prescribed medication. Changes in diet is one alternative treatment that is often used. Though sugar does not cause ADHD, spikes is sugar levels can cause a child to have a burst of energy. In order to balance this, it is recommended that fiber is added to the diet to keep sugar spikes from happening. This, in turn, will keep adrenaline rushes minimal. Supplements such as Omega-3s have said to help. It is best to make sure that your child is getting a well-balanced diet.

The Feingold Diet

The Feingold Diet is an elimination diet. Items such as artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives are removed from the diet. Though there is no evidence to state that removing these items from the diet has any effect on ADHD patients, many parents have noticed an improvement in their children’s behavior when removing these items.


Neurofeedback is relatively new in the area of treating ADHD patients. The premise is that the brain can be trained to focus. There have been many positive results using this method. However, the technique has not been around long enough to conclude that it is a cure for the disease and more research needs to be done. The treatment is also costly which can be seen as a drawback. Click on cbd vape juice for more details.


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